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about the working process

Blanket! Rope!
Somehow these two phrases became the major key words of the performance. We had our meeting under the blanket, and prepared the tryout performance of the rope in park with elementary school children. How a child play with flashlight under the blanket in the middle of the night, telling stories to their siblings or friends? How exactly did we play? Hong Kong was the tireless energy that pushed and embraced us. There were moments when the energy seemed to be overwhelming, suffocating even like a blanket on the face, strangling like a robe on the chest. Still there were also moments of pure naïve, and Hong Kong gave you whole freedom to play. The contradiction of city as a playground or a gigantic concrete jungle are the two contradictions we began to rationalize in the performance, and a crucial dynamic for us to come around.

work in progress

Slowly walking. With a lack of body-tension. The people in the MTR are “schlärpälä”, but not with coziness. More with a hecticness, as if 5 seconds of waiting at the entrance would really make a difference. But maybe this is the best way of walking in this city. Not too stressed, and still not being relaxed.

Group Manual to ‘The ABC of Actions on Human Connection’

First we probably talked more about our group than about what we want to do. Because we are the big group, we  always had to work on how we organize our group. We found a possible working format in ‘The ABC of Actions on Human Connection’. The Idea is to realize 26 little actions which focus on what we all have as common ground: The believe in human connection. To work on the 26 actions for the next 6 weeks, we developed following group manual:   GROUP MANUAL  ..(to be tested & refined in Eggtion).. Theme We all believe in human connection; this is what we want to focus on; it is our main theme. Presentation Thursday Goal of the group: to make a presentation about the work in progress before, during (in case it is not disturbing or it’s achieving something artistically), or after the lecture. The presentation is a composition of all works made by during the week. The composition of the presentation is decided in the afternoon by all members.The presentation can be any kind …