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Getting old in Hong Kong

To explore a culture one can start with the question about local people growing older and the way they are treated by their surrounding. Our group, consisting of Mayumi ARAI, SUN Shih-Ting and Tobias Fandel, was seeking for some impressions about this matter by interviewing various elderly people in the streets, inside a retirement home, on a cemetery, in a park and even in a taxi.


Our research on humor started in an excessive demand by the city itself. As we tried to find something humorous in a metropole that seems to be driven by anything else than that we were confronted with the idea of creating our own funny moments.
So we used escalators. The wrong way. We bought a lot of Bananas and an Eggplant. Carried them through the streets, took photos with ‚em. Watching how people react, exploring what the banana does to us, how the eggplant makes us feel.

Between Fashion & Symbols and Control & Space

The mouth mouffle is a tool which is, at least in Hong Kong, usually used to prevent the dispersion of diseases. In addition to that, it is also a common tool for workers such as cleaners or industrial painters which work in somehow unhealthy or unhygienical environments. In these contexts, the mouth mouffle has the function as a border to rather prevent the body from the environment or the environment from the body. Nonetheless, there are severeal other functional and also political, economical and aesthetical aspects of the mouth mouffle as a tool. Personalized, well designed mouth masks do not only serve health-political issues but also dissolve the border between the aesthetics of the state of emergency and the regular state of being.

The Hidden and Essential Women of HK

With more than 300,00 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, Their Roles in Households have far-reaching social, economical and cultural impact. We set out into the streets of Hong Kong to speak with them and Their Employment agencies. Behind a veil of a seemingly undervalued lab class, we discovered a convoluted situation did grapples with many elusive social issues.