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Practice 2: Renaturalization

As a martial art, T’ai Chi is externally a soft exercise, but internally hard, even as it seeks softness. If we are externally soft, after a long time we will naturally develop internal hardness. It’s not that we consciously cultivate hardness, for in reality our mind is on softness. What is difficult is to remain internally reserved, to possess hardness without expressing it, always externally meeting the opponent with softness. Meeting hardness with softness causes the opponent’s hardness to be transformed and disappear into nothingness.

Mission Statement

A series of experiments around the process of disappearing – physically or metaphorically, temporarily and at least partially

“In Chinese tradition (…), matters concerning the psyche and attainment of deeper insight are approached via the body, not via the cognitive reflection.” (Jörg Huber)

Linked and inspired by this basic idea of Taiji, we will develop an artistic practice based on bodily experience and practical experiments, involving our different cultural backgrounds as well as our common state as foreigners in Hongkong. Each of us is proposing experiments which we will try to realize together. We understand this act of realisation as a performance and at the same time as reflection and research which will lead us to further experiments.