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UAKTI – Solo Recital on Bass and Contrabass flute by Matthias Ziegler

Recital by Swiss flautist Matthias Ziegler

This recital features the world-renowned Swiss flutist Matthias Ziegler and his very unique amplified contrabass flute. A solo recital, in which Ziegler use his amplified contrabass flute to perform a program of musical works which includes contemporary extended techniques and amplified techniques enabling listeners to hear sounds that they never been heard.

Amplifying the flute in a particular way makes it possible to increase the volume of the micro sound structures inside the flute to an audible level. It is like looking at the instrument through a magnifying glass. There is a whole orchestra inside the flute which opens new sound worlds for composers and improvisers.

Connecting Sound Workshop

Workshop by Brandon Farnsworth, Music Curator

Through a mix of presentations and performances, the Connecting Sound Workshop offered a space for artists working in various performing arts fields to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and share practices, ideas, and experiences. It offered a space that promoted unexpected encounters while placing no emphasis on finished products, preferring rather to spill into the eternal flow of practice.


Dance On Series: ‘ODDs’
Individuals cross each other’s path, a connection takes place.
The question is, however, whether or not we realize its existence.

Lam Chun-ho, Ivanhoe, a multi-discipline choreographer, will partner with Tsoi Wan-wa, Shirley, a multi-talent performer, and other team members – Swiss composer Benjamin Ryser, sound installation artist Fabian Gutscher, veteran stage designer Lee Chi-wai, and video designer Shing Pok-man – to forge an orbit within the soul that allows for introspection.