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Project Description

When you go on a journey you have a goal. Most of the time you have a particular place in mind and an idea of what you are going to do there. Most people follow a certain path and even plan their whole trip from the beginning to the end. A map helps you to orientate yourself in unknown places. If you get lost you asked google maps where you are and it leads you to your chosen location. But what happens if you get lost? Maybe you end up somewhere you never would have expected.
What does it feel like to get lost, being a stranger in Hong Kong?

Self questions (Ida):

If I leave the door and exit the `European compound` I become a stranger, because I do not understand the language and a lot of things that I see, I experience them differently than things that I know and I am used to. But I enjoy this situation a lot, because my senses are much more open. I feel like a child, seeing, smelling things for the first time.Through this situation of being a stranger I am confronted with my own perception, my values and my limitations. I see myself mirrored in other people that I pass on the street.