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Transcultural Collaboration presents… 講咗/冇講 : SPOKEN / UNSPOKEN

Welcome to our final exhibition! 31 young international artists present their experiments whose overarching interest concerns expression beyond, beneath and between words. >> FB-EVENT The one-day happening conveys artistic strategies that deal with implicit and explicit expression. By creating spaces of ambiguity, gaps, cracks, traces and tensions, the entanglement of SPOKEN/UNSPOKEN poses an intriguing playground. One that turns out to be a fruitful prism through which a myriad of topics can be looked at, thought about and reflected. The group show will be followed by a dinner buffet and a closing party for the fun-loving folks. For the fourth year running, our international semester programme gathered graduate students from 7 art universities from East Asia and Europe and a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds. After 14 weeks of experiments with a collaborative approach—including a two-week exhibition at McaM Museum in Shanghai—the 31 participants of this year’s edition are proud to present the results of their third and final working phase here in Hong Kong. PROGRAMME 4.30PM WELCOME DRINK AT MAIN ENTRANCE 5.00PM FORBIDDEN FRUIT …

Workshop: Secrets for Sale

A selection of the video content produced by participants in the course of Elodie Pong’s workshop that was based on her project Secrets Collections (2001-2005). The workshop involved different sets of tasks and circled around the topic of confession, access, disclosure, intimacy, shadow aspects and, of course, secrets.