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  During three months in Hong Kong, I lived in Yau Ma Tei, which near by the Temple street night market. Every day I walked by, I found out people throw trash directly on the street, and leave huge trash to cleaners. So we decided to observe the night markets for 24 hours. As a result, people came and leave, in this big consumer city, easily buying and leave all trash behind, they only expect others to result the problem. We also do action in the night market to aware this city garbage problem, the action call: “Nothing should be abandoned.” In these research, we interviewed the cleaners, to know more about what do they think about their lives and jobs. And put these interviews into our final performance. We found out the landfill in Hong Kong is also a big issue, so we went visiting and having a interview with landfill office employee. These experiences let me to rethinking our own living place situation, and what is the difference from Hong Kong. It is hard …


LINE UP 22h DJ Warm Those Buns Up DJ Set cimonfinix 22h30 Phonetic Phony Audioperformance Kai & Grace 22h45 Womb Club Dance & Videoinstallation by Carmen, Jesica, Goingshow and Jade 22h50 Scarlet (Hao) & Sherry Yuan Audiovisual Performance by Hao and Sherry 23h10 #cautionwetfloor Performance Cimon & Léo 23h30 Haze’n’hofer Concert by Yannik 00h15 senseless DJ Set Jan 1h45 the Queens of Chateau Coq Drag Show by Dennis & Daniel 2h neoliebe DJ Set by Angelo

The Assumption of the Virgin

The Assumption of the Virgin is a space that showcases a range of individual photographs highlighting femininity, body, gender identity and sexuality. Through countless of discussions about personal experiences of sex, sexuality, gender roles, body image; the lasting image was to create an intimate, personal and intense visual and sound platform. The setting of the bathroom with red lights, highlights the use of personal space when one needs to use the bathroom, but also an underline of ‘sexiness’ and also erotic sense.


The net is the beginning of everything, the start of transformation and connection. It is the testing ground, to turn a tool of daily life into something different. Using the net to fill up the room, it first becomes soft installation. It is all surrounded, one feels trapped and sometimes escaped from it. Then it becomes a projection surface.


Impressed by the abundance of noise in the City of Hong Kong, we set out on a quest to investigate the sources of this omnipresent intrusion on our senses. Seeking out the origins of the everyday acoustic background, we very soon pondered on the quality of noise. Is it something undesirable that has to be purged, or is suppressing it a form of censorship? Why do we have a need for both silence and disorder? Is there a ideal balance between the two? Inspired by the principle of noise cancelling, we constructed a space where in theory, three phase-inverted sources of noise recordings we did in Hong Kong should cancel each other out and add up to silence. Viewers may enter this space to experience the interaction of the three sources and with luck, perhaps, find a small pocket of silence amidst the chaos. As expected, the noise cancelling function did not work out perfectly. It was, however, up to each individual to explore the meanings of the experiment. Can one indeed cancel noise with …


A Project by Mbene Mwambene, Sylvia Liu Yang, Going Ying Hsiu Kuo and Andreas Mayer   On paper everything is pretty painted in white and black. Hong Kong is one of the densely populated places in the world. The economy is fast booming hence the volumes of garbage shoots up the ladder. Wastes in Hong Kong are first collected from disposal bins to refuse transfer stations (RTS). After they are compacted and put in containers, they are delivered to disposal lands or recycling centers. Those which can be recycled are recycled, some are burnt to create and some sent to land fills. Done and dusted. There are hundreds of collectors in the territory where wastes are located before transferring to refuse transfer stationsThere are seven refuse transfer stations in the territory. They serve as centralised collection points for the transfer of waste to the strategic landfills. Operated by the EPD, the landfill sites only accept garbage from Hong Kong. Thirteen of 16 landfills were closed from 1988 to 1996. There are also 13 closed landfills. The closed …

Exploring Yau Ma Tei & Sham Shui Po

The Group started exploring Apliu Street where Takuro showed where all electronic devices can be found for the amplifier workshop. Afterwards everyone was free to decide whether to explore the neighbourhood freely or join a guided tour by Nuria from Sham Shui Po to Yau Ma Tei, passing by different art spaces of these neighborhoods.