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Lecture Series and Conference on Transculturality – Beyond Purity

This lecture series and seminar will frame the 2nd edition of a transcultural and cross-disciplinary graduate semester program entitled “Transcultural Collaboration,” a new educational format and initiative involving various art universities from Switzerland, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore. The program rests on the fundamental need to discuss and understand “globalization” and the questions and issues arising therefrom. It is obvious that globalization not only involves the expansion of production, consumption, and communication, but also the problems, and the potentials, of differentiation/distinction, of provoking otherness, of different forms of cultural evolution and blending, and of influencing power structures.

Shifting Perceptions

We live in a globalized world. It’s dynamics bring out fundamental and irreversible changes everywhere. These changes come along with anxiety and suspiciousness, especially toward the transcultural dimension of globalization. Art can shift perception, it has a sensual willingness in its approach to the world, that opens our way of looking and thinking. …

Lecture Series: In Between

Lecture by Prof. Isabel Mundry, Composer Until the end of the 20th century the idea of the music of the avant-garde was to define its development by continuously further differentiate itself. The music was focussed on its own rules, its abstraction, its purity. Nowadays the “music of the avant-garde” does not exist anymore. Instead there are individual works and positions, that define their own framework and follow specific questions. As a result every piece of music needs to ask about its inside and outside. What is the own, thus the pure, and what’s the alien? With each inter- or transdisciplinary work, we encounter these questions, but also with every artistic reference to a topic outside the arts. Based on her own work, Isabel Mundry will describe, how musical articulations and extra-musical references are getting connected. Her main topics will be public spaces and transitions between art and nature. Isabel Mundry was born in Schlüchtern (Hesse, Germany), raised in West Berlin. Studies composition with Frank-Michael Beyer, Gösta Neuwirth and Hans Zender at the „Universität der Künste Berlin“ …

Art and Cultural Interactions

As discussed by Wolfgang Welsch, “The concept of transculturality aims for a multi-meshed and inclusive, not separatist and exclusive, understanding of culture.” As such the dissolving boundaries between cultures and new cultural forms have been developed. This lecture will trace the cultural interactions through artworks made since the sixteenth century to present to highlight how different cultural legacies are intertwined with one another. …

Beyond Benevolence: Hong Kong as a Global “Raceless” City

Wednesday, 14. September 2016, 7:00pm

Lecture by Prof. John Nguyet Erni
Chair Professor in Humanities and Head of the Department of Humanities & Creative Writing at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Many in Hong Kong have identified the city as “half-sovereign” or “conditionally sovereign,” as the times of post-1997 have brought about new ruptures and shifting boundaries of citizenship in economic, cultural, and legal terms. The work of deciphering questions of belonging and multicultural existence is still ongoing, and has in fact intensified in recent times. …


  GJ Lischka, Philosopher/Artist, Berne Today we define all surfaces as PURE. There exist in fact only surfaces, which in turn lie on other surfaces. These surfaces all touch each other, touch us, in one way or another. Dirt –  that which is BEYOND PURITY – seems not to exist. An attempt to sketch the terms of an area “Beyond Discipline”, which resists closure despite its openness. TRANSMEDIA will be used to achieve this: media as form, transforming itself into many different forms of media. GJ Lischka was born in Muntlix, Austria. Studied in Berne (Switzerland) und Munich (Germany). Since 1969 actions, exhibitions, radio- and tv-programs, lot’s of lectureship. Books: Splitter. Ästhetik 1993; Alles jetzt! Die Mediatisierung 2003; SuperSurFace 2008; Denkstoff. Dichte Gedanken 2013; DVD Reality Check, mental clips 2009; Exhibition; GJL. Present Mind ZKM Karlsruhe 2014 Thursday, 01 September 2016, 7:00pm Viaduktraum, Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8031 Zurich

The Phantom of Zurich

‘The Phantom of Zurich’ Lecture by Prof. Dr. Jörg Huber & Daniel Späti
As an introduction to this lecture series we will briefly outline some fundamental aspects about the topic of „Beyond Purity“ first. In a second step we focus on the concept of purity in relation to „Switzerland“ and „Zurich“. …
Today we define all surfaces as PURE. There exist in fact only surfaces, which in turn lie on other surfaces. These surfaces all touch each other, touch us, in one way or another. Dirt – that which is BEYOND PURITY – seems not to exist. …