Finals at Toni Areal, Zurich

The final performances and installations 牢笼与纽带 Bonds & Ties of Transcultural Collaboration 2019 took place at Toni Areal, Zurich. Thank you to all the 26 students and mentors for two memorable evenings with many happy, relieved and proud faces and interesting and stimulating conversations. Thanks to everyone who came by to catch a glimpse of what we have been working on in the past months. We had a blast at the following goodbye party, dancing until dawn, sweating all the effort of the last days out of our bodies.

A short summary of the week leading up to the finals can be read here.

We were thrilled to invite everyone to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Transcultural Collaboration 2019 with us and to join the final performances and installations for the first time ever presented in Zurich. On the 6th & 7th December we welcomed the public to see the collaborative work of 26 young artists, developed in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Zurich over the time of 3 months.

The exhibition took place as part of Shared Campus Official Launch & Inaugural Conference.

Exhibited Work

To Dream*
Installation, Film

Collaborating Artists

Boudai12 invites the audience to follow their journey through the past few months: they display traces of their search in Hong Kong. They worked with interviews taken and material collected, as well as a fictional film essay concerning the future of the city in crisis. In order to overcome the distance between Hong Kong and Zurich, the work involves live performances such as moving Lennon TVs live-streaming the movement and a tea corner that invites people to talk directly with members of the group.

* ‘To dream (發夢)’ is an expression used in the Hong Kong movement referring to going on the streets.

Welcome To The Item Shop
Performative Installation

Collaborating Artists
MA Kam Leung 马锦樑

You achieved the maximum level and therefore unlocked your personalized secret item to change the world. The Item Shop will be available from upcoming mid of December for two days. After climbing the forbidden stairs to the top of the fireproof cement crater, you will reach the inconspicuous black house where the only way to enter is to overcome its overwhelmingly grumpy and uninterested gatekeeper. But be careful, there might be personal challenges you need to overcome in order to make it a worthwhile trip.


Collaborating Artists
CHEN Zhenglang 陈正朗
LEI Xuan 雷萱
Nick NG 黄俊鹏
LIU Shiyan 刘诗言

How far away are we?
Where is this space?
How do we get there?
Why do we desperately want to find a way to
measure and to quantify Distance?
Do you like me?
When will I see you again?
What is the place that I call home?

Wearing non-identical skins at different times,
looking for a new way to co-exist.
To exist, are we constantly in a state of flux?

social space + social atmosphere testing ground 1–3
Durational Performance

Collaborating Artists
JiaYu WU 伍嘉裕

Social space asks how much space a person needs and does the object affect the motion of the person or does the motion of the person affect the object? Social atmosphere testing ground 1–3 is a personal map of an individual’s state of being influenced and the pictures it preferably swallowed balancing between HK, Shanghai and ‘here’.

The two pieces will come together for two hours of joint improvisation. It is the product of a dialogue and the attempt to navigate the line between freedom and separation in artistic practice.

‘The quasi-objectivity of atmospheres is demonstrated by the fact that we can communicate linguistically about them. However, this understanding has its prerequisites: An audience that is to experience a set in approximately the same way must have a certain homogeneity, i.e. be culturally socialized into certain modes of perception.’

Unemployed Bed Bugs
Durational Performance

Collaborating Artists
QIAN Yuxuan 钱宇轩

Looking for Jobs!
Name: Bed Bug
Status: Unemployed
Address: Galerie 2, Toni Areal

In a 24/7 society, the need for beds has declined. Due to the constant demands of work, humans only spend short intervals sleeping on the go. This new phenomenon has made beds obsolete, and therefore the main working environment of bed bugs is disappearing. In the last 10 years, the unemployment rate of the bed bug population has risen to 82.6 %. This level was last seen before the invention of beds. Where do YOU sleep ? If you are interested in the essential services provided by bed bugs, please contact us via e-mail or visit our current workspace in the Gallery 2, Toni Areal on December 6th and 7th 2019, from 6pm–10pm.

Sound Installation

Collaborating Artists
FU Lingbo 傅令博

Whenever we are part of a huge group of people, whenever we express our own thoughts besides innumerable numbers of partners, whenever we unite our forces and desires with anyone of our crowd, how far are we still our own selves? We are answering this unclear relationship between the individual and the human mass in our sound installation, using the language and the way we humans communicate with each other as the main tools of our piece.