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Polychronic Traces

An exploration of the perception of time through capturing moments instead of time. The experience of a slower pace and the unpredictable natural conditions raise questions about the meaning of time. Perceptions of time vary and are linked to different values. Caught in the construct of time, we sometimes get lost in thoughts about the future and miss the moment. But where are the boundaries of the present in the flow of time?

Gula is never sold out — a performance

Why is everything here so sweet? Life in Jogja is sweet, maybe extremely sweet; from its food and beverages to its cigarettes… Somehow, despite its adverse effects, sugar sweetens our life. Gula is never sold out is a long duration performance, which recreates the production process of sugar. From line work to service, the work takes a playful approach on this historically loaded ingredient.


Mount Merapi, one of the most active stratovolcanoes in the world, is wrapped in many layers of hidden histories, local myths, and constant surveillance of data collecting technology. Artists, scientists, academics and many more have been fascinated by this entity, resulting in many trans-collaborative projects and approaches trying to capture its essence.

One encounter, one chance

Our performance was based highly on trust and understanding, and we decided to take some risks. Our references were mostly performance artists such as Anne Imhof, Bill Viola, Guoqiang Tsai, Marina Abramović, and Tehching Hsieh. We agreed that the piece should include a certain extent of interaction with the audience and be presented in a fine art context. Without a plot, there would certainly be some surprises, and the right attitude to face them was to improvise within our roles. With rigorous concentration, exhaustion of the physical body, and deprivation of verbal communication, we tried out different things within three hours.

Occasionally Static Flow

We meet many strangers in our daily life. Everyone has their own life path . I imagine the possibility of dialogue in these daily encounters. I found that by listening to different people’s stories, I could make a vivid connection to the city. The first person in Yogya to tell me his story was Seyang, a bentor driver. Through his personal story, I felt the lifeline of the city from his personal story with its individual history.

Straight Gay

Puppets don’t have life. But they tell stories. Well…we tell stories. This story is about a boy who got his adventure in a totally different world. If it sounds familiar to you, we assure you there will be something new. Like the boy can be you and me, and this strange fantasy world is actually not very far from us.

Access Point

With “Access Point”, the artists attempted to show an improvised performance four times, incorporating four different but equally important concepts in one piece. The central object was a vacuum cleaner used to clean the exhibition space and the materials experimented with during the exploration process.


IOU is an experimental project in collaboration between TC participants Markella Ksilogiannopoulou, Shimin Ji and Qianlin Wang, realised during our residencies at Communitism in Athens. The installation included a video projected on the wall, a diagram drawn on the floor with candles and objects lying around, and a live performance.

The Toilet

Is it about the question or the answer? TC participants Nasia, Lucy, Alexeï, Melanie and Wan had many questions and tried to find ways to translate the feelings these questions provoked into a small space and make it pleasant and beautiful for the people who use it. In this process, they created a place for all living beings in the world. So that every being, fluffy or not fluffy, hairy or not hairy, girly or not, can theoretically enter.

Oracle Foyer

The Oracle Foyer is a joint project by three artists from different cultural backgrounds (Taiwanese/Japanese/German). In this project, they explored the differences between and relationships with their cultures on the level of superstition, proverbs and divination. Inspired by the myths surrounding the Oracle of Delphi. Their Oracle Foyer, a sensory interactive installation, set in an open-air interstitial space between the two buildings of Communism.

A Room for One’s Own (Strawberries and Cigarettes)

The collective is interested in the issues of identity formation through analogue and digital spheres and the power structures that surround these identities. The group, formed by feminities, wanted to create a space of exploration where all voices could be heard without discrimination. Combining spatial design and performance. A rhythmic chant with words and phrases created in the process of community healing.

To Dream*

Taking ‘to dream (發夢)’ – an expression used for the Hong Kong movement referring to going on the streets – as the title for the work, the collective invites the audience to follow their journey through the past few months: they display traces of their search in Hong Kong. They worked with interviews taken and material collected, as well as a fictional film essay concerning the future of the city in crisis. In order to overcome the distance between Hong Kong and Zurich, the work involves live performances such as moving Lennon TVs live-streaming the movement and a tea corner that invites people to talk directly with members of the group.

欢迎来到我的直播间 | Welcome to My Live – 播间

A live performance, installation by CHEN Zhenglang (Fine Arts in Dance (Choreography), The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts), Lena SEEFRIED, (Art Education Curatorial Studies, Zurich University of the Arts), LEI Xuan (Fine Arts in Dance (Choreography), The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts), Milos STOLIC, (Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts) at McaM Shanghai.

更多,缺席,睡眠 | MORE, ABSENCE, SLEEP, M.A.S. Dream Machine

A performative installation by Rose Li Zi-Rui, (Visual Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University), Rafael Gil Cordeiro (Trends & Identity, Zurich University of the Arts), Brooke Jackson (Curatorial Studies, Zurich University of the Arts), Qian Yuxuan (Drama, Nanjing University), Nuriia Khasenova (Music Pedagogy, Zurich University of the Arts) at McaM Shanghai.