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Collaboration in the Arts & Design & Collaborate!
Panel and Lecture, 5 September 2016

Mona MijthabChristoph SchenkerGitanjali Dang


Presentation of two international programs and initiatives at ZHdK (a. Mona Mijthab on her research/product development projects in Africa/India; b. Christoph Schenker & Gitanjali Dang on Draft Projects.
Participants: Mona Mijthab, Researcher Department of Design Zurich ZHdK; Christoph Schenker, Head of Institute for Contemporary Art Research ZHdK; Gitanjali Dang, Curator/Writer/Researcher, Khanabadosh, Mumbai; Max Glarner (Lecture), Author/Lecturer, Department of Performing Arts ZHdK


Max Glauner on term and topic of collaboration/participation in the arts including specific examples of contemporary collaborative art practice

Artistic Experimentation
Lecture by, Ricardo Eizirik, 31 August 2016

Short Practical Excersises
Workshop by Zhao Chuan, 30 August 2016

Transculturality in the Arts & Design
Panel, 24 August 2016


Short presentation of each participant about the relevance of transculturality in their specific discipline including an example out of a contemporary or own practice.
Participants: Karmen Franinovic, Head of Interaction Design, Department of Design, ZHdK; Jörg Scheller, Art Historian/Journalist, Head of Theory/BA Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts & Media ZHdK; Zhao ChuanTheater Director/Art Critique/Author, Shanghai; Ricardo Eizirik, Composer, Lecturer Department of Music ZHdK; Hartmut Wickert (Presentation), Vice President/Director Department of Performing Arts ZHdK

Deep History of the Silk Road
Lecture, 24 August 2016


Mi You, Researcher/Curator, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

The talk takes the historical nomads and the silk road as figuration for a kind of transgressive thinking, beyond the romanticism often associated with them. The (dis)connectivity of various parts of the silk road in history and the present offers an optic for rethinking construction of nation-states, borders and identities.

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How to Disappear (Completely)
Lecture, 23 August 2016


Nina Willimann, Choreographer/Performer, MA Transdisciplinary Studies ZHdK

About the collaboration and artistic process/work of Nina Willimann and Mayumi Arai (MA Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts) developed in the framework of “Transcultural Collaboration 2015”

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Transculturality: Conceptualizations and Uses
Lecture, 22 August 2016


Prof. Dr. Andreas Langenohl, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Department of Sociology

General introduction on conceptualizations and uses of the term “Transculturality: Preliminaria: Culture and Difference/ Transculturality according to Wolfgang Welsch/ From Transculturality to Transculturation/ Trans/Culturation/ Trans-

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