How far away are we?
Where is this space?
How do we get there?
Why do we desperately want to find a way to measure and to quantify Distance?

Do you like me?
When will I see you again?
What is the place that I call home?

Wearing non-identical skins at different times,
Looking for a new way to co-exist.
To exist, are we constantly in a state of flux?


FLUX is an interactive and performative role-play dealing with different aspects of distance and space. The performers create together with the audience a safe space, where questions of belonging are dealt with.

Where do I personally belong to? What do the terms home and family stand for? How does one understand these concepts and how can one rethink this rigid structures?

Each performer has its own character and assigned role, which guides the visitor through the club-like atmosphere. Meanwhile, the whole piece is filmed by a «stranger» who brings in the theme of the «exotic gaze» through filming with a smart phone


The performer group was part from the previous project from Shanghai and extended by two new performing members: Nick Ng (coming from the theater field) and Liu Shiyan (illustrator).
Since the two new members changed the constellation and brought in new topics, we had decided to expand on existing issues such as identity. We worked on the concept of the stranger and were inspired by the impressions of the students from Hong Kong and China, who were confronted to be “strangers” in Switzerland. We asked ourselves, how one measures distance and how distance can be measured on several levels: emotional distance, local distance or metaphorical distance. Based on this, we developed associated plots for each person, which lead to a coherent performance. We were interested in creating a safe space and saw parallels in the club culture.

Contributing Artists

Chen Zhenglang MA Fine Arts Dance, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Lena Seefried MA Art Education Curatorial Studies, Zurich University of the Arts
Lei Xuan MA Fine Arts Dance, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Milos Stolic BA Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts
Nick Ng Theatre, Lasalle College of the Arts
Liu Shiyan BA Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptiste University