Lectures, Panels, Workshops

26 September 2016
Artist talk with Acty Tang and Hofan Chau on Collaboration in Performaning Arts

Hong Kong performer Hofan Chau was invited on 26 September to share her experience as a co-creator in the Japanese-Hong Kong collaborative butoh production, The Second Tower of Babel: Butoh in the Kowloon Walled City. Beside looking at the immersive ways of using site, issues about local memories vs

21 September 2016
Nuria Krämer and 
Takuro Mizuta Lippit on Artistic Collaboration Strategies

This input elaborates on the significance and the potential of artistic collaboration, and lays out some examples to showcase some collaborative strategies in artistic production.

The input explored the concept of collaboration as a concept, which challenges the notion of visual art practice as an individual creative process. The myth of origin and authenticity were questioned and the focus put on the process of meaning making interaction more than on the “work”.

Interactions in Body, Words and Space
Workshop by Acty Tang

A workshop on body and space was held on 21 September. Led by Acty Tang with background in theatre, dance and site-specific work, the workshop involved simple movement and spatial exercises as the basis for practicing and thinking about how formal elements impact meaningfully on collaboration, spectatorship, power relationships.

19 September 2016
Amplifyer Workshop by Takuro Mizuta Lippit

Takuro offered a workshop on building amplifiers, where everyone learned how to build a amplifier and develop a small instrument. After successfully building some amplifiers, all participants were asked to do a small jam session with some self defined instrumnets.