Whenever we are a part of a huge group of people, whenever we express our own thoughts besides innumerable amounts of partners, whenever we unite our forces and desires with anyone of the surrounding crowd, how far are we still our own self?


We are answering the unclear relationship between the individual and the human mass in the sound installation. Using language and the way us as humans communicate with each other.

One by one, the visitor accesses the sound installation coming down the stair case. The work is composed by a MP3 player, headphones and several visual messages in the room. The visitor would start to play the audio file on the MP3 player and be sent off into the installation guided by a voice. The participant would receive instructions on where to step and follow the visuals around room.

In the end, each visitor has participated in a journey lead by the voice on the headphones and interacted not only with the installation but also the other people walking around in the room. Everyone – Even if they did not intend to – would leave a message on the glass window: If one has been in the room, they leave a mark and influence others in the room, who did leave a note on the glass wall.


Our work was really difficult to settle. Also because, we were only two people in charge of everything around the place. For that reason, and also because we realized it would have a greater effect, our ideas, once extremely enormous and big-scaled, ended rather minimalistic and precise. 

Even though we worked really well as a group of two in terms of frequency (we both approached our concerns from the same point of view and on the other hand complemented each other), we didn’t have as much time as we needed to settle, what we exactly wanted to express with our work.

What we established as time of reflexion and discussion turned quite fastly into act, which, because we were not completely decided on the form, changed from day to day. This was the most stressful part. However, we were very sure, that we wanted to create an audio-visual installation from the beginning on. Certain aspects of our work like the recording of voice-clips had to be done and actualized almost from the very beginning. 

Contributing Artists

Raúl Castro Estévez Master in Music Performance, Zurich University of the Arts 
Fu Ling Bo Bachelor in Literature of Theatre, Film and TV, Nanjing University