Retreat Week

Special Workshop by Kingsley Ng, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University 

General Introduction

Over the past few years, a good number of cultural practitioners in Hong Kong have moved to the fields and embarked on farming as a cultural practice. This is in line with recent geopolitics in the city, and also reminds one of the genealogical relationship between “culture”, “cultivation” and “agriculture.” Lai Chi Wo, a 400-year-old village at the border of Hong Kong, is an epitome of an evolving history of nature-man interaction that is reflective of changing cultural situations. Once a site of pristine nature, it grew into a thriving village with 800 inhabitants at its peak time. In the 1970s, it was abandoned when villagers relocated to the city and overseas. A few years ago, regeneration was spearheaded by ecological and cultural practitioners, as a joint venture aiming to restore the place’s historical and biological value. In the process, Lai Chi Wo, as well as a number of villages in the New Territories became a living archive of trans-culturality illustrative of (agri)cultural practices corresponding to context-bound thoughts about inhabitation of land. Such knowledge before rationally registered in logocentric discourses, will be discovered through multi-sensory experiences in this retreat.

Program by Day

Walking Trail / Check-in at Lai Chi Wo / Hakka Dinner / Night Safari with HKU Staff

Tour of Lai Chi Wo by the local / Farming Experience with Artist Monti / Hakka Lunch / Hakka Dessert Making / Workshops at Mui Tsz Lam / Dinner by Participants / Outdoor Cinema

Ching Chiu Festival at Gut O / Lunch at Gut O / Boat trip to Sai Kung / BBQ in Sai Kung

Yim Tin Tsai Visit (catholic Hakka Village) / Reflection Time

Pak Sha O Visit with Ki Wong (British and American Living in the Hakka Village) / Debrief

Involved Persons

Kingsley Ng
Artist & Head of MA „Arts & Crafts“, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

Monti Lai, Artist

David Tsang, Chairman of the Cultural Development Society of Lai Chi Wo

Ki Wong, Lecturer HKBU AVA

Colin Chan, Village Chief of Yim Tin Tsai