By Wang Anbang (Drama, Nanjing University), Peitao Chen (Visual Communication Design, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou), Florian Geisseler (Film, Zurich University of the Arts), Mengying Li (Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou), Joel Schoch (Composition for Film and Theatre, Zurich University of the Arts)

Intro and Concept

The audio-visual installation „Shitstorm“ is taking audible excerpt of actual shitstorms and puts the into contrast of the negativ photography of a variety of faces. The faces seem to show a random bunch of people. This underlines the fact that the internet phenomena of a shitstorm can happen to everyone of us. One wrong tweet can have a snowball-effect and all of a sudden you are in the middle of a shitstorm.


Result/State of play

To show the moment of the wrong decision to tweet something out of line and let’s say a bit edgy, there is a red button in the middle of the installation where the audience can decide to take this step. Once pushed, a surrounding shitstorm in form of impersonal computervoices would accure you.

As a second hint there were some faces in the installation that belong to people, who in the history of the last three centuries have been accused of witchcraft and therefore had to suffer somehow an „analogue“ shitstorm in form of death by execution. The installation shows the connection between a society harassing a single individual, as well as (what our intention is to call) your virtual digital death, as soon as an online shitstorm happens to you.