General Program


On the background of the transcultural and cross-disciplinary focus three main phases define the basic structure of the semester: The starting phase is dedicated to questions of “self-awareness”, as well as the introduction of the specific interests of the participating students and lecturers that will highly influence the semester content. Based on that the constitution of mixed groups and their topics will be the starting point for the practical cross-disciplinary work and the development art and design projects involving the range of disciplines and competences of the group members. Followed by a second phase that is dedicated to the topic of “collaboration” thus questions of how we collaborate and position ourselves related to our culture, traditions, society, art, other disciplines or a business environment. The third phase called “trans public” where we focus on questions of art and design production and reception. While the practical character of the three main phases is central it will be strongly connected to theoretical inputs and reflection in the fields of Asian and European (historical and contemporary) culture, issues of transculturality, art and design practice and cultural management in various formats like lectures, panels, literature, workshops or mentoring. Between the three main parts of the semester programme there will be two inserts where one will be a two weeks excursion in Europe or Asia as well as a specific workshop lead by renowned artists. In the 2nd last week of the semester there will be a public presentation of the group works in Hong Kong followed by documentation and reflection of the whole process.

Short Descriptions Modules 1-6

Module 1 (Duration: 4 weeks // Locations: 2 weeks Zurich ZHdK; 2 weeks Connecting Space Hong Kong)

Module 1 exists of two parts that are connected: First two weeks in Zurich followed by two weeks in Hong Kong. Key elements of this phase are self-presentations by the participants including questions on identity, values and general cultural shaping. Second their personal motivation, interests and topics related to the semester program and third a research and first artistic experiments in small mixed groups about everyday culture and living environment Zurich and Hong Kong. At the end of module 1 groups are built that will collaborate throughout the semester and develop artistic projects based on a self-defined topic.

Module 2 (Duration: 1 week // Location: Connecting Space Hong Kong, North Point/HK Island)

After research and group/topic building with a smaller part of artistic and design practice in the first module, Module 2 is very hands-on working towards an experimental visual & music performance event in cooperation with a local alternative club and supported by well-known artists from Europe and Asia.

Module 3 (Duration: 3 weeks // Location: HK City University, School of Creative Media, Kowloon)

This module’s main topic is “collaboration”. In a first step groups built in Module 1 will analyse a case study of a collaboration method in the arts/design (or else) and then adapt and apply this method to their group project. Different practical theatre/collaborational workshops as well as mentoring and reflection will complement the program.


Module 4 (Duration: 1 week // Location: China Academy of Art, Hangzhou)

As we have learned and researched European and Hong Kong culture in Module 1, the field trip to CAA, one of the main partner institutions in this program, leads us to Hangzhou in Mainland China, where we deepen our knowledge and continue our research about everyday culture and living environment in China.

Module 5 (Duration: 4 weeks // Location: HK Baptist University, KAITAK Campus, Kowloon)

This module will focus on group works production towards a public presentation in Hong Kong. On a reflection and lectures level the module is focusing on “trans public” and therefore questions about the context and impact of presenting art/design.

Module 6 (Duration: 1 week // Location: Connecting Space Hong Kong, North Point/HK Island)

After the final presentation the final week of the program leaves time for documentation and reflection of the whole process and the individual development.

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