Lecture Series on Transculturality

Throughout the whole semester of the 1st pilot of “Transcultural Collaboration” in autumn 2015 we are planning a regular and continuous lecture series framing and defining the program focussing on various aspects of “Transculturality”, which is the core topic of this new graduate semester program. It splits in lecture series A and B following two different thematic priorities, which we understand as the horizon and frame for the whole program. All these lectures are open to the public in Hong Kong (and Zurich).

Transculturality (extract from the invitation to “Forum I, Feb 2014, Hong Kong”):
“The economy goes global, and political systems are intertwined worldwide: goods, information, signs, and humans are on the way to (apparent) boundlessness. Trans- and multiculturalism seem to be the order of the day. But what does this “categorical imperative” mean exactly? Are our local or regional orientations obsolete? Are we now always on the road, “in-between”, schizoid and manifold in our identities? How can we gain the skills and the know-how to engage in different cultures, so as to appreciate and to relate to them? These are of course “big” questions. Nevertheless, we aim to discuss the challenge and our desire to embrace this “transculturality” in our personal and institutional work? Is it about knowledge, experience, critique, about friendship, competition, power, and authority? Is it possible – based on our experiences – to “understand” each other? And how can we develop ourselves while experiencing yet another crucial revision of our culture? Is it at all possible to speak of “our” culture?”