Blog, TC 2017

1 – Excursion: To Ka Wan

Hongkong is a troubled city. The people living here are confronted with manifold issues in regards to housing development, renting prices and subpar building stock. But still, there is beauty beneath. The group “Community Cultural Concern” led the group through To Ka Wan, an area that faces restructuring by the construction of a new MTR stop, which would consequently push out a lot of the settled habitants. Prices skyrocket (as everywhere in Hongkong) and leave no other choice than leaving the area or building so-called “rooftop slums” that are illegal and highly dangerous. During taifun season water pours in, during summer its 40 degrees or more.

“Community Cultural Concern” tries to provide a a meeting point for the community, organizing outdoor cinema, exhibitions and more under the motto of “Fixing HK”. They showed the group around To Ka Wan and left everyone mesmerized by the contrasts, the diversity and the issues that people in Hongkong face on a day to day basis.