Blog, TC 2017

Hong Kong, City of Extremes

By Alicia, Marleen and Lulu. In the beginning of our working process the three of us were talking a lot about how we were experiencing Hong Kong while we were exploring it. And we all came to the agreement that there are so many contrasts in one city. We put down a whole list of it. But our problem was that we didn’t want to see the problem as a black and white one in terms of poor and rich, big and small, organized and chaos and so on. So we banished the term contrast and rather used the concept of extremes. In that way we tried to do projects that combined the opposites and out of that creating something new. For that we took many photos from Hong Kong. Alicia focused on bringing the opposites together in Photoshop works. Out of Marleen pictures we created a game for the class to work on. Where do they see contrasts, extremes, similarities or differences? They were supposed to arrange the pictures in any way they would like to in a way that made sence to them. Lulu focused on the street signs. For her whole Hong Kong just exists out of different signs, traditional ones as well as locals or international ones. But they all exist next to each other without a seeming competition. They are just like a epitome of HK, a city full of extremes. So we tried to put a whole collection of them on the wall. Some made sense, some were contrasting, some had similarities, some were just randomly put on there.