Same procedure as every year. XXX Gallery became a place to experiment and to dance.

XXX Gallery was the place to be on Thursday, October 26th. Various perfomances that functioned as a prelude to the final realisations were shown and music was played till early the next morning, including a headliner perfomance by Headman from Zurich.

A pulsating night of installations, visuals and sound.

The different groups presented some works or interventions connected to their ongoing projects – in manifold ways. Interviews, installations, or small exhibitions: XXX became a laboratory for one night and gave the groups the chance to show where they stand, what they found out and where they want to go.

Performances & Live Acts:
20.30 Tea & Pie
21.00 Present
22.00 Betsy Hung
23.00 Appendix
00.00 Bench under a tree
1.00 B/W

8.00 -1.00 Mathis Neuhaus, DJ LIFESTYLE, DJ Max and MADAO
1.00 – 3.30 Headman (Relish Recordings/Zürich)