Blog, TC 2017

Concept and process

Dull Boy Jack follows a multimedia approach uniting the different disciplines animation, livemusic, video and dance in one performance. Through a personal approach driven by emotions, the work reflects the complexity of the individual in the system of society. It deals with the impossibility of total inclusion in the face of the need for structure and the necessity to coexist.Symptoms of adaptation and oppression, interconnectivity and the fluidity of personal, physical and mental space are represented in the group’s quest to understand how the micro relates to the macro. Dull Boy Jack shows an individual adapting to society to the brink of self-destruction. Escaping the norm of one system it creates a new one; a heterotopia that allows for otherness on it’s own terms. Terms that again call for exclusion of another „other“, leaving us with a never-ending cycle of heterotopias (at best).

A system always leads to exclusion.Goal for the ending: You the audience are part of a system that just excluded this individual, even if you didn’t realize it (until now).

Keywords: dynamic / awareness / conscious fighting the unconscious