Edition 2017, TC 2017

Leisure Time Center, 2037

The multimedia installation raises questions on the future of work and the role that humans are going to play in an automated society. What will happen to us, if everybody has more time at free disposal?


Is there going to be a lost generation because the governments of the world fail to react adequately to a new, inhuman workforce? Which problems stay the same (human relationships?) and which will arise (envy of robots?) due to technical developments? A survey from 2013 revealed that the least likely job to be overtaken by a machine is the position of recreational therapists: The installation therefore is going to present itself as a center for activity-based interventions with an emphasis on the individual’s well-being. A therapy about what to do with your soon to be available new free time. Addressing the needs of individuals will never go out of style.

A multimedia installation by

Ramona Sprenger, Zurich University of the Arts

Ozan Polat, Zurich University of the Arts

Max Wild, Zurich University of the Arts

Zhang Riwen, City University of Hong