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Time. On Benches.

Starting from the topics streetlife, empty spaces and public space, we find out that: „The biggest crime in Zurich is sitting on a bench doing nothing“. We wondered what people do on benches and how long they’re staying there. So we filmed benches in different places.

Questions that came along were: Are you waiting or spending your time? Who has a lot of time? Are you the audience or an actor when sitting on a bench?

We focused on the topic „Time“ and made a installation with different clips from benches all over Zurich on six screens. The text below was on two ipads in front of the installation. There was also a live-camera installated which was transfered to another screen. So the audience was part of the installation and played with the topic audience/actor and time.



Time passed the bench, where a little boy sat.
Time wanted to sit, but he have to walk away.
The boy invited him to seat, but Time gently refused.
I have to keep walking, Time explained, and so should you.
The boy sat still.
For a moment he thought of remaining on the bench, but he have to go, too.
Time was right.
I have to leave, the boy thought, but the bench will be empty.
He stood there for a while, stuck a gum under the bench and left. The cleaner arrived later, and wiped the gum away.
All bullshit. He muttered.


by Ana-Maria Negrea, Shang-Chiao Li, Isabelle Sprenger