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The delicate dribble of water on the cheek,
The remnant smell of espresso,
*PAK* – snapping chopsticks,
and the lingering taste of orange citrus.

These are the sensations of the ordinary. If life gives us a tabula rasa, sensations are our tools. Sensations are perceivable by all of us, though often neglected. With a certain consciousness, we can bring these sensations to our awareness. To be reminded of the humbling existence of our kind.

To feel sensations.
To react to these feelings.
To feel the feelings.

Inspired by the somatosensory experience, we play with the most mundane objects of every life. We activate our senses. We discover new ways to sense and be sensed. We explore the absence and presence of sensations. They come in waves, changing as frequently as our perceptions of them. One by one, we help each other through a somatosensory journey that he or she will remember for a lifetime.

Our video serves as an expression of these very experiences. The production enabled us to think about our sensations from a different perspective. By examining methodically and in detail the effects of these sensorial inputs, we created a structure that translated the sensations into form.

To reveal the sensations.
To reflect these feelings.
To reveal the feelings.

by Haijiao Ma, Tobias Fandel, Philipp Spillmann, Liane Mah