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Practice 3: Integration


INTEGRATE /ˈɪn.tɪ.ɡreɪt/ (verb)

Source: Cambridge dictionaries online

1) to ​mix with and ​join ​society or a ​group of ​people, often changing to suit their way of ​life, ​habits, and ​customs:

He ​seems to ​find it difficult to integrate socially.
It’s very ​difficult to integrate yourself into a society whose culture
is so different from your own.
Children are often very good at integrating into a new culture.

2) to ​combine two or more things in ​order to ​become more ​effective:

You need to integrate ​exercise into ​your ​normal ​life.
The ​idea with ​young ​children is to integrate ​learning with ​play.