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Project Description

The idea of a journey

When you go on a journey you have a goal. Most of the time you have a particular place in mind and an idea of what you are going to do there. Most people follow a certain path and even plan their whole trip from the beginning to the end. A map helps you to orientate yourself in unknown places. If you get lost you asked google maps where you are and it leads you to your chosen location.

But what happens if you get lost? Maybe you end up somewhere you never would have expected. What does it feel like to get lost, being a stranger in Hong Kong?


A Chinese from the mega City Shanghai and a German from the countryside
in Hong Kong
looking for…
the unknown, unexpected, the hidden.
Where will we end up?


How close can we get to people?
What do the trips do to us?
Will our perception and our way of working together change?
How do we want to record our experiences?
Film, photo, sound, notes?
Do we want to film everything? Really everything?


Finding cage people in Mong Kong and Sham Shi Po ending up in a very special place…

Visit Hong Kong Art Fair at the Exhibition Centre, ending up at the Peak viewing luxury apartments

St. Michael`s Cemetery, Wan Chai District: meeting fails, looking for each other. Where is Tutu?

Blue House in Wan Chai: looking for a couple on a photo. Does anybody know them?

Costume shopping: trying on different costumes. Finding our special investigators costume and bumping into Star Wars Soldiers

Kowloon Park: try to find people who want to make Tutu more beautiful. Body painting in front of Gucci shop at Harbour city. What does beauty mean in Hong Kong? How do people think about plastic surgery?

Chunking Mansion: trying to find a chunking mansion express character ending up in Felix bar on the rooftop of Peninsula. Taking night shots

Flower Market: Finding an old mysterious painting. Looking for the owner in the backyard streets of Mong Kok

Bird Market Hong Kong, Diamond Hill: trying to find a special bird and other animals at the fish market