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Hot Pot – Spicy Little Art Festival
Site specific two-room multimedia installation
by Liane Mah, Philipp Spillmann, Ma Haijiao, Tobias Fandel

Saturday, 21 November, 5pm
Kai Tak Campus, Academy of Visual Arts

“absense” invites you to experience a very unusual spatial performance situation. How do your physical feeling and your thoughts affect your perception of space, movements, sounds and not least images and words? What can you see, what can you hear and how do you deal with it? Does your cognition leads you to new aesthetical experiences by reflecting the absence?

A two-room installation, video documentary, room two, Liane Mah (performance), Ma Haijiao (video), Tobias Fandel (sound)


intense days. Long nights. Composing, cutting, dancing, hammering, painting the walls.
Claustrophobia. A feeling very typical for Hong Kong. A psychological reaction to a suffocating situation. A physical reaction to the suffocation of modern live.
Modern livestyle. Routine. Spaces and possibilities to move.
In our work we started to dig deeper in the topic of noise which brought us step by step to the topic of claustrophobia, which we explored by text, sound, movie and movement. We created a split-body-experiental set of two narrow rooms which we filled with two different paths to both exploring and reflecting claustrophobia – as a part of daily live, of the experience of space, and of the way how you react to a narrow environment.
we are absense/

Projected video, by Ma Haijiao (video), Philipp Spillmann (voice), room one