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Daniel Späti

Designer/Curator/Head of Transcultural Collaboration and Lecturer/Research Associate ZHdK, Zurich/Switzerland

Daniel Späti (1970*) studied Industrial Design at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and worked 6 years in product development and design at Bally, a global fashion brand. Since 2001 he is lecturer at Zurich University of the Arts in BA and MA Design as well as in cross-disciplinary fields including the development of a long-term collaboration between pop music and design students. In 2008 he initiated “Common Stage”, a transcultural and cross-disciplinary cooperation between Zurich University of the Arts and National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing, the major educational institution for Peking Opera in China. Since 2013 he is responsible in developing this format towards a new international graduate semester program called “Transcultural Collaboration”, which is based in Hong Kong in cooperation with different art universities from East Asia. Since 2012 he is a research associate and at present co-leading a major research program supported by the National Scientific Research Foundation of Switzerland in the field of “Event Culture and City Development” as well as a collaborator for a research program on “Telematic Concerts”. Next to university he works as an independent designer and curator in the field of cultural events like music concerts, club-events, festivals, conferences, or exhibitions.