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Nuria Krämer

Multimedia artist/Scenographer/Curator, Head of Connecting Space Hong Kong

Nuria Krämer studied Multimedia with a focus on visual interactive art at the Centre de la Imatge i Tecnologia Multimedia, Politechnic University of Catalunya. She has since then been working in the audio-visual sector as an art director in advertising and as art director assistant, set decorator, artistic consultant in different international TV and movie productions. In the year 2009 she moved to Zurich, where she graduated in the MA in Transdisciplinary in the Arts and pursued a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Research in Artisitic Universities as well at the Zurich University of the Arts. Since 2011 she has been collaborating with FOA-FLUX ( in various artistic research projects as a research associate investigating the functions of art in a global context. Her interests focus on collaborative and transcultural artistic practices in the field of audio-visual arts. At present she is in charge of the development in Hong Kong of the transcultural platform for artistic collaboration Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich, an initiative by the Zurich University oft he Arts.