The plastic bags will have to wait

By Salads (Chanelle, Tina, Lulu)


Standing in front of a glass vitrine with different salads behind it, I’m thinking about which one to get.
„Choosing the one which looks best?“
the man next to me has also been eyeing up the salads.

I smile politely. „Yeah…“
We continue looking at the salads.

At the cash register me and my salad-staring accomplice meet again. With different salads. I wonder why.

from a sparrow’s point of view

I rest on the floor and look around attentively.
I hop around for a bit.

There’s some others close by, doing more or less the same thing.

We’re waiting for food. We all like the same things so whenever an offer presents itself we usually all go for it immediately.

There’s an interruption and we have to leave the premises for a second.

I go back earlier then most and food has appeared. I go about it as fast as I can. A bit stressed, yes. I gulp it down.
It was a wise decision since the others are back now, too. Since we like the same food I probably just prevented quite an amount of quarreling (by eating it up in a rush).

I hop around some more picking at stuff.

Some commands

do nothing or hug people 什麼也不做或者擁抱別

do nothing or jump up and down 什麼也不做或者上下跳

do nothing or jump around 什麼也不做或者到處跳

do nothing or turn the radio on and off 什麼也不做或者調節喇叭

do nothing or scream around 什麼也不做或者尖叫

do nothing or dance around 什麼也不做或者跳舞

do nothing or sing 什麼也不做或者唱歌

do nothing or imitate someone 什麼也不做或者模仿別

do nothing or hold someone’s hand 什麼也不做或者和別 握

do nothing or stroke someone’s hair 什麼也不做或者輕撫別 頭髮

do nothing or pinch someone 什麼也不做或者捏別

do nothing or clap your hands 什麼也不做或者 掌

do nothing or push people 什麼也不做或者推搡別

do nothing or run around 什麼也不做或者到處跑

do nothing or run from one wall to the other and back 什麼也不做或者從 牆跑到另 牆

do nothing or stamp around 什麼也不做或者跺腳

do nothing or cry 什麼也不做或者哭泣

do nothing or laugh 什麼也不做或者 笑

do nothing or turn on the light from your phone 什麼也不做或者打開你 機的燈

do nothing or walk on your toes 什麼也不做或者 腳尖 路

do nothing or squat 什麼也不做或者蹲著

do nothing or wander around 什麼也不做或者到處遊蕩

do nothing or take a seat 什麼也不做或者坐在椅 上

do nothing or take a seat 什麼也不做或者坐在椅 上

do nothing or hit the wall with your hands 什麼也不做或者敲打牆

do nothing or say hi 什麼也不做或者說“嗨”

do nothing or walk along the walls 什麼也不做或者貼著牆壁 路

do nothing or lie down 什麼也不做或者躺下

do nothing or kiss someone on the cheek 什麼也不做或者親吻別 的臉頰