Trans 2045 – a better you

By Trans 2045 (Yimeng, Kana, Ozan)

Open your minds and hear me.

Today we will show you an improvement. An Improvement of you. An improvement to a better you.

This is Trans2045
Working for a better you.

We are a contemporary organization working on your future. Working on a better you.

Today we will present you 3 of our newest products to improve the cosmos.


First our Trinidad Aural 3000 Pill developed by Dr. Dreaus. Eat one of these pills and live with ubermensch hearing. Yes, this is true. Your hearing sense will be uncomparable to nature’s created hearing sense. Improved by factor 10. Achieve Trinidad hearing with Trinidad Aural 3000 This is your new hearing. This is your better hearing.


Our second product is Babelchip X 20. A body enhancement achieved through implantation. Get your Babelchip X 20 implanted to your neck and enjoy the advantages of instant translation of any language in your chosen language. Babelchip X 20 comes with a built-in nano processor and will deliver immediate results in your cognitive enhancement rating.


Our last product is a protoype and an absolute world first straight from Enhancement Valley Tel Aviv: The Visio T L C.
A high end technical product developed by our R and D department in five years in our top secret laboratories. The Visio T L C comes as an transplantation of a healthy eye ball. Once inserted your cranial nerves are used to control the nano computer inside the Visio T L C. Your Retina will be your new display and improve your technological usage. Enjoy the advantages of a ten times digital zoom just with a muscle movement. See what others aren’t seeing. Capture what others won’t capture. Live as a better you.


Thank you humans.