By 3/4 (Alicia, Max, Stephanie, Maria)

How do you transform a non place into a place?

What are strategies of resistance against power? Specifically: where you don’t show yourself as a protester or you are not aware of the political dimension of your actions.

How do you take ownership of a place?

Please get together in 4 groups.

You will build a shelter together within 10 minutes in this entrance hall. You can use the material we have provided: a roll of plastic foil. If you need any other materials to make this shelter more homely, you can identify and collect them in the entrance hall.

Each group is a team. To work efficiently within the time given, we suggest that each group divide the labour between building and collecting materials. So for example three build people the basic structure and three people collect “furniture”. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Think from the logic of a child.

We will ask each group to invite us to their shelter and show us around and explain its features. So prepare a small presentation. You have 10 minutes for building from now. Feel free to use any and every space you like.