Magic, Memory & Alchemy: Hauntings from the Past to Present

According to an adage in conjuring, the strongest magic happens in the hands of the audience. This presentation on my practice-as-research will be focused on the use of tangible and intangible materials alongside the idea of drawing as a conceptual device. While employing differing mediums such as installation, photography and durational performance, drawing and objects are used as ways to make sense of everyday life, extending across space and time. Slippages of what is simultaneously real and imagined are negotiated through issues of sexuality, embodiment and historical dimensions. By looking at a body of work, these attempts in making visible the invisible relations of things around us will trace my personal journeys to the connections we have to the now and the unseen in an all-rationalised and often disembodied (digital) world we live in.

ADELINE KUEH makes installations, photography and sound works that reconsider the relationship we have with things and rituals around us. Her works are imbued with a sense of desire and longing, and act as modern-day totems that explore personal histories and overlooked moments. Adeline has exhibited in Singapore and internationally. Some of her notable works were presented in the Prudential Singapore Eye Exhibition (2015),Objectifs Centre for Photographyand Film (2015), Mizuma Gallery (2015), Gajah Gallery (2017) & Japan Creative Centre (2017). Other projects include installations and interventionist projects within the collaborative MatriXial Technologieswith Faith Wilding & subRosas (2001-2005) in Europe & USA. She was also the guest artist for Hermes Singapore in 2016. Rooted in critical studies, her research interests include notions of monstrositywithin Southeast Asian contexts, architecture, fashion and the futureof cinema. Adeline has chaired and presented at a number of cultural studies conferences in UK, Australia,Finland, Hungary, Singapore and Malaysia. Currently a Senior Lecturer with the MA Fine Arts programme at LASALLE Collegeof the Arts, she is also a consultant for a number of research, lifestyle, film, design & architecture projects.