Blog, TC 2019

Week 3, Hong Kong

  • Group work and practice based explorations
  • Mentoring
  • Lecture by Dr. Fiona Y. W.  Law on Urban Co-habitation in Disappearance  Street Cat Photography and Animal Advocacy in Hong Kong
  • Lecture/Introduction by Hong Kong based Artist Trevor Yeung
  • Introduction by Daniel Späti
  • Field trips to Ocean Park Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Bird Market & Monkey Hill in Kam Shan Country Park
  • Full day boat trip to Sai Kung Country Park

The third week was not predetermined by a program. The students worked in groups on their first project, which will be presented in the following week. They immerse themselves in the semester topic Bonds & Ties for the first time.
While some groups started working conceptually at the beginning of the week, others took some more time in forming the groups.
At the end 7 groups – some work in pairs, others in a group of 7 – deal with different topics all related to bonds and ties: bondage, sexuality, strangers, time, space, privacy, human & non-human, cultural codes, symbols, conflicts, politics and protests.

Dr. Fiona Y. W. Law  (Department of Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong) held a lecture on Urban Co-habitation in Disappearance Street Cat Photography and Animal Advocacy in Hong Kong. She spoke about the relationship between humans and animals and about the presentation (literature, film, cartoons) and representation (zoo, domestic sphere, urban setting) of animals in Hong Kong society. The talk also addressed the relationship between visualization of street cats, aesthetic trends in animal representation, global consumerism, and urban renewal through examining various street cat photos.

Following the lecture the students went on different field trips. Some went to Ocean Park, a theme park, aquarium as well as an animal education and conservation centre. Others went to the Bird Market or Monkey Hill.

On Saturday we rented a boat and spent the full day at sea, swimming, dancing, enjoying the sun and get to know each other even more.