Blog, TC 2019

Week 4, Hong Kong

  • Group work and practice based explorations
  • Mentoring
  • Presentation of the first group work
  • Reflection on group process and presentations
  • Discussion and feedback about first block of the program

The whole week was dedicated to the presentation/exhibition of the first group projects. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday the students worked individually setting up, programming, rehearsing, discussing, arguing, overcoming language barriers, woodworking, coding, installing lights, texting, glueing or painting. On Thursday afternoon they presented their projects at AVA Kai Tak Campus. The day after we sat together to reflect and give feedback on the projects and the program in general.

The final presentation of the group projects at AVA

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Time Space Stranger

Meditation In Red

T.U.B.E Hong Kong 0.1 alpha

Leave Or Not To Leave

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