Blog, TC 2019

Socializing the Common Denominator

Dr. Mark L. Gandolfi, Psychologist

How do we connect with the world around us? With all the different layers?
How does it relate to the sense of belonging?
How do we connect to things, for example devices?
How do we relate to nun-human beings?
How are we bound or tied to thing we do? To our work?

In all areas of life, whether aspiring to be or being an artist, a commercial pilot, a heart surgeon, an elementary school teacher or a chef, every aspect of working life has psychology embedded in its processes. Concurrently with people in work and people in our social – personal life worlds, being with others –  or not being with others – all have psychology as the common denominator. So whether we are binding with a job or trying to bind with a new friend, there is a new way of understanding the ties and bonds of with the experiences in our life. The talk took a slice of Bonds & Ties in the context of how we as a species socialize in our setting to raise our awareness of both instinctual and personal choices on how we express the art of living with others.

Gandolfi explained the relative truth – as he pointed out not to take anything as the complete truth – of relationships. Everyone enters various relationships, such as with the self (bond with self-interests, one has to be comfortable with yourself), with acquaintances (bond with common-interests), with friends (bond with the sense of belonging), with intimates (bond with intimacy emotional, spiritual, physical, social and intellectual levels), with strangers (sharing a space with a stranger next to you, maybe the stranger becomes a friend, an intimate, an acquaintance).
Gandolfi points out four ways of how we connect: we socialize by listening, seeing, observing and sensing.

Dr. Mark L. Gandolfi is a Psychologist. He was born in the U.S. and raised in Venezuela, his Family is from Italy. He always wanted to be a surgeon and became fascinated with the brain and eventually studied neuro sciences. He has always been fascinated in art and science. His Mother was an artist.