Blog, TC 2019

Week 7, Hong Kong

  • Individual group work
  • Mentoring sessions

After a full week of intense group formation in the last week, the following have teamed up together for the next phase and the exhibition at Ming Contemporary Museum in Shanghai. They all worked individually and met with Daniel, Nuria and Simon for mentoring sessions.

Cindy, Yuyu, Raúl and Timo’s topic revolves around the broad question of ‘where do we come from and where do we go next?’. They work with the keywords, information and communication, space, time, change and environment.

Seain, Gloria and Joe work with the feeling of obsession, expectation and attraction to objects.

Milos, Rae, Lena and Leal have been looking at different social phenomenons; new identity, make up, voguing, live streaming as well as Chinese classical dance and traditional opera.

Lisa, Nick and Lambert deal with the topic of voluntary loss.

Tobi, Harrison, Aline, Riar, Duy, Cass, Colin worked on interviews.

Money, Brooke, Rafael, Rose and Nuriia worked with the keywords ‘Sleep, Absence and More’. They took time to experiment within different activities, such as field trips, improv sessions or working with visuals instead of words, to narrow their field of interest.