Blog, TC 2019

Week 10, Shanghai

  • Group Work
  • Set up and rehearsals
  • Opening Event at McaM Shanghai
  • Goodbye Dinner Shanghai
  • Flights to Zurich

The abandoned villa on the premises of the museum turned more and more into a bustling work space. As the days grew nearer to the opening event on Saturday, one could feel the tension rising. The groups were busy ordering material on Taobao, getting to work a functioning internet connection, installing sound and tv screens, building big wood structures and experimenting with different material. While some groups had a clear vision how their work will look like and were rehearsing the detailed schedule of their performance, others dealt with a minor crisis and dismissed many ideas they had come up so far: Only to begin at square one to start working even more focused.

When Saturday came, all the groups were ready and eager to present their work at the opening event. It was an exciting and successful afternoon with many curious visitors who joined. Congratulations to all the participants and thank you to everyone involved at McaM Shanghai as well as to everyone who came by to make a great opening event to the following exhibition.

Many happy and relieved faces at the end of the event made the afternoon complete. Before we left to the restaurant to have a well deserved Celebration & Goodbye Shanghai Dinner, everyone cleaned up their spaces, left what is needed for the exhibition and took what they brought to Zurich.

The very next morning, the first students caught their flights to Zurich. For some it meant going back, after 2.5 month away from home. For some it meant to go on a plane to go to Europe for the first time. For others it meant a reunion with a city they have visited before.