Edition 2019, TC 2019

了结 | OVER

A self help office, Office of Voluntary Essential Riddance, by Kian Schwabe (Stage Directing, Zurich University of the Arts), Nick Ng (Theatre, Lasalle College of the Arts) & Fu Lingbo (Theater Nanjing University) at McaM Shanghai.


There’s a massive amount of energy involved in sustaining relationships, connections and attachments that have lost their purpose in your life. You know it is there and you know you need to take care of it. But you keep finding ways to ignore or procrastinate on it and that’s reducing your attention and priority away from where it should be. Imagine the life you want to live. Imagine a life free from what’s holding you back.


Five options to choose from. Five designs. Five ways to customize your theater experience. This will be meaningful to you, I promise. This is going to change your life. To choose is the innermost expression of your personality. No need to ask who controls the question as long as you are the one giving the answer. There are plenty of boxes to fill with your living room of choice or the dining set that defines you as a person. Five types of brand personality are enough to cater to the different needs and wishes of the client.
But your cutlery is not matching your curtains? The curtains are not matching your partner? Another job would match the tablecloth just fine? Something’s not quite as you imagined it to be. Am I right? OVER is here to help or you are here to help yourself. Just pick a consultation box and apply for a Voluntary Essential Riddance. Afterwards, proceed to Processing Room. Your life – your choice. The Office of Voluntary Essential Riddance does not only provide the necessary support to help you resolve a long overdue matter but can enable you to acquire the mindset needed to stay tidy forever. 


Three theater artists deciding to do an installation, starting with Bernays’ approach to Propaganda, listening to Chomsky and reading a lot of guidelines: Five Tips to declutter. Did my marriage turn into a fantasy bond? 51 signs of dysfunctional relationships. 9 signs of an unhealthy relationship to food.

Result/State of Play