Edition 2021, Midterm Presentation, TC 2021

A Room for One’s Own (Strawberries and Cigarettes)

The collective is interested in the issues of identity formation through analogue and digital spheres and the power structures that surround these identities. The group, formed by feminities, wanted to create a space of exploration where all voices could be heard without discrimination. Combining spatial design and performance. A rhythmic chant with words and phrases created in the process of community healing.

As a collective, we are interested in the topics concerning forming of identities through analogue and digital spheres, and power structures surrounding those identities. As a group formed by femininities, we were aiming to create a space of exploration, for all the voices to be heard without discrimination. Space for one to experiment, to try on different versions of oneself in a safer setting, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea. To talk or lie down or stare into one’s reflection for a minute or two hours. Combining spatial design with performance.

A rhythmic chant including words and sentenced that emerged in the process of collaborative healing. Words of anger, dissatisfaction but also empowerment and scream for a better future. Simple powerful sentences, combined with simple rhythmical clapping and stepping. Speaking from the feminine position, coming in with personal stories and experiences relative to gender identity understood through a multicultural lens, we aimed at providing a space for a breath.

Group members: Yris Apsit, Hei Ying | Mimie Cheung, Weronika Przysada, Ruizhao Sun (Ansatasia), Tanya Dimitra Varreri, Katerina Pataka, Lulu
Published: 5.10.2021
Location: Communitism
Discipline: Fine Arts
Language: English
Programme: Transcultural Collaboration