Edition 2021, Midterm Presentation, TC 2021

The Toilet

Is it about the question or the answer? TC participants Nasia, Lucy, Alexeï, Melanie and Wan had many questions and tried to find ways to translate the feelings these questions provoked into a small space and make it pleasant and beautiful for the people who use it. In this process, they created a place for all living beings in the world. So that every being, fluffy or not fluffy, hairy or not hairy, girly or not, can theoretically enter.

Where do I spend time during the day? Which places do I visit actively and which ones passively? How do I enter strange places? What is a strange place anyhow? What traces do I leave behind? How much time can I spend in a restroom? How comfortable am I in public toilets? What do I need to feel comfortable? When do I feel comfortable? What does it mean to feel comfortable? Where can I go when I feel uncomfortable? What can I find in a toilet? Why are so many toilets dirty? Why aren’t toilets more fun? What materials are toilet–appropriate? How can I combine artistic practice with the needs of community/ space? What is the aim of doing artwork abroad in a place I don’t know? What possibilities are there to work on the basis of needs? What is there to give and what to take? What gets taken when giving? What does it mean to produce something? For whom do I produce? Why do I produce? What do I produce? How do you feel today? What does your inside look like today? How much time do you take for your inside? Have you had a moment of silence yet? What is your favourite position? Is there anything you want to flush away? Is there a ritual of letting go? Is it possible to do nothing? Re-doing one restroom at Communitism was a result of many questions the city and us being there posed. We tried to find ways of translating the feelings these questions provoked into a small space and make it fun and nice for the individuals using it and thus creating a place for all living creatures in the world. So that every being, fluffy or non-fluffy, hairy, or non-hairy, girly or not can theoretically enter.

Group members: Lucy Fabian, Alexeï Monney, Melanie Durrer, Wan Lo Ki, Nasia Drimousi
Published: 5.10.2021
Location: Communitism (Athens, Greece)
Language: English
Programme: Transcultural Collaboration