Edition 2021, Final Presentation, TC 2021

Common Ground Group

The Common Ground Group was the glue that held the different groups together and made the final exhibition at One Minute Space possible. But not only that. True to the TC21 motto: contamination and affection, they contaminated the space as part of their own contribution.

The exchange between participants in the Transcultural Collaboration, locals and the city revealed complex socio-political and artistic layers that needed to be approached by a dedicated workgroup. Therefore, we, the so-called Common Ground Group, directed our creative practice to the facilitation of various contaminating and affecting processes between the participants and with our surroundings. We supported the collaborative creation of the Micro Relations Lab by creating opportunities for cross-pollination between the workgroups and by mediating the internal and external communication.

We aimed at crafting an exhibition that not only reflects our experience in the programme but is also self-critical and humble about our position as foreign or local creative practitioners in this city. Therefore, with the limited time and energies available, we kept searching for ways to open up our lab to the audience, like the open exhibition text, and create experiences that could foster contamination in the space by allowing everyone to leave a sign.

Group members: Natalia Sierra, Hei Ying | Mimie Cheung, Vangelis Tzolakis, Chiara Giardi
Published: 10. / 11.12.2021
Location: One Minute Space (Athens, Greece)
Language: English
Programme: Transcultural Collaboration