Edition 2021, Final Presentation, TC 2021

Looking Through Water

The three participants examined the element of water and what connection it has with memories. Are memories as fluid as water? Looking Through Water explores this topic.

Water is in constant change. The cycle of evaporation, rainfall and condensation creates a relationship between bodies of water, confusing the boundaries between one entity and another. Simultaneously, bodies of water provoke specific associations to place and identity. Lakes, rivers and oceans act as landmarks in communities and shared sites of memory. Bodies of water can create a sense of belonging, but, like the medium itself, this sense is fluid, continually formulated and reformulated. Using the liquid as a lens, “Looking Through Water” offers a space for reflection, contemplation and creation of memories of water.

Looking Through Water is a sculptural installation and performance by Otto Kolless (Interaction Design, ZHdK), Ruizhao Sun (Physical Theatre and Video Performance, Independent Artist) and Sherry Xiao (Craft and Design, HKBU).

Group members: Otto Kolless, Ruizhao Sun, Sherry Xiao
Published: 10. / 11.12.2021
Location: One Minute Space (Athens, Greece)
Language: English
Programme: Transcultural Collaboration