Inputs & Workshops Zurich

Phase 1: Exploration and Experimentation, Zurich, 23 August – 16 September

Lecture: On Transcultural Collaboration
Daniel Späti, Head of Transcultural Collaboration
General introduction to the programme, its basic motivation and development, its structure and learning goals. Differentiation of terms cross-/inter-/transcultural.

Lecture: Introduction Transculturality & Postcolonial Theory
Prof. Dr. Sophia Prinz, Professor of Design Theory and History, ZHdK
Basic terminologies (culture) and practical examples of “things inbetween” (exemplary on examples of ceramics). Theoretical background of postcolonial theory and decolonization.

Walk: Colonial Zurich
Monique Ligtenberg, Research Assistant, Institute of History, ETH Zurich
Guided tour in Zurich to different locations, where traces of colonialism can be found to understand Switzerland’s colonial ties.

Lecture: Information War
Daniel Ryser, Journalist, Republik
In recent years, scientific knowledge and information in mass media is questioned by specific groups to manipulate public opinion and gain power (fake news, media manipulation, propaganda). Daniel Ryser exemplifies this development based on the Swiss media landscape and the influence of a highly influential right wing network.

Lecture: Memory Culture and Post-Migratory Transformation in Switzerland
Katharina Morawek, Institut Neue Schweiz, Basel
Discussions around diversity and memory culture are emerging (not only) in Switzerland. Our economy, food, the arts or our lifestyle are all deeply connected with the global space and therefore based on exchange but also on exploitation. Dealing with these topics is a necessity to become aware of these developments.

Lecture: Theatre & Diversity
Yuvikki Dioh, Diversity Agent, Schauspielhaus Zurich
As the first person to hold the position as a “Diversity Agent” at Schauspielhaus Zurich, Yuvikki Dioh gives insight to key terms (diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging), her tasks and goals towards a diversity-oriented organizational development.

Lecture: Introduction to Identity Politics
Prof. Dr. Jörg Scheller, ZHdK
An introduction on the highly debated topic of identity politics, its historical development and impact nowadays. Starting with an analysis and definition of the basic term of “identity”, onwards to “group identities” and the political approach and agendas that are based upon them.

Lecture: (Post-)Colonial History of Indonesia
Monique Ligtenberg, Research Assistant, Institute of History, ETH Zurich
Introduction to the colonial history of Indonesia by the Dutch starting around 1600 to its independence after the 2nd World War, on to the post-colonial history including the dictatorship of General Suharto from 1965 – 1998 and the situation today (incl. discussions around documenta15).

Lecture: Collaborative Projects in Yogyakarta
Marc Dussellier, Artist/Activist
First insights into Yogyakarta’s art scene based on Marc Dussellier’s long-term activities with some of the local art collectives and their ways of working.

Lecture: “The Jewel Voice – How historical narratives are created through mediated voices and sounds”
Takuro Mizuta, dj sniff, Los Angeles
How do media, in particular sound media contribute to the construction and dissemination of historical narratives. Takuro Mizuta focused on the “Jewel Voice Broadcast” from 1945. in which the surrender of Japan in WW2 and the liberation of Asian countries from occupation was announced by the Japanese emperor.

Lecture & Workshop: Art and political activism
Mihaela Dragan (Actor, Roma Activist), Bukarest
Mihaela Dragan gives insights into her work, her motivation and attitude including “Roma Futurism”, the Giuvlipen Theatre Company or the Theatre of the Oppressed. Her lecture was followed by a workshop on cursing.