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Polychronic Traces

An exploration of the perception of time through capturing moments instead of time. The experience of a slower pace and the unpredictable natural conditions raise questions about the meaning of time. Perceptions of time vary and are linked to different values. Caught in the construct of time, we sometimes get lost in thoughts about the future and miss the moment. But where are the boundaries of the present in the flow of time?

One encounter, one chance

Our performance was based highly on trust and understanding, and we decided to take some risks. Our references were mostly performance artists such as Anne Imhof, Bill Viola, Guoqiang Tsai, Marina Abramović, and Tehching Hsieh. We agreed that the piece should include a certain extent of interaction with the audience and be presented in a fine art context. Without a plot, there would certainly be some surprises, and the right attitude to face them was to improvise within our roles. With rigorous concentration, exhaustion of the physical body, and deprivation of verbal communication, we tried out different things within three hours.

Occasionally Static Flow

We meet many strangers in our daily life. Everyone has their own life path . I imagine the possibility of dialogue in these daily encounters. I found that by listening to different people’s stories, I could make a vivid connection to the city. The first person in Yogya to tell me his story was Seyang, a bentor driver. Through his personal story, I felt the lifeline of the city from his personal story with its individual history.

Straight Gay

Puppets don’t have life. But they tell stories. Well…we tell stories. This story is about a boy who got his adventure in a totally different world. If it sounds familiar to you, we assure you there will be something new. Like the boy can be you and me, and this strange fantasy world is actually not very far from us.

Interview with Brigitta Isabella

Brigitta is a member of the art collective and study forum named KUNCI. It experiments with methods in producing and sharing knowledge through the acts of studying together at the intersections between affective, manual and intellectual labor. Since its founding in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, KUNCI has been continuously transforming its structure, ways and medium of working.

Inputs & Workshops Singapore

Darren Moore, born in Scotland, raised in Australia and based in Singapore, is a drummer and electronic musician who works in jazz, experimental music and multimedia throughout South East Asia, Australia, Japan and Europe. In 2006 he moved to Singapore to become a Lecture in Music at Lasalle, where he taught popular music studies, drum set and creative improvisation. In 2015 he moved to Tokyo, where he worked freelance as a musician and taught a music appreciation course at Hosei University. In 2018, he returned to Lasalle to continue working as a Lecturer in Music. Darren was an undergraduate student at the Western Australian Conservatorium, where he completed a Certificate in Classical Percussion in 1993 and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Drumming in 1997. His commitment to education and research saw Darren complete a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the Queensland Conservatorium in 2013, which looked at adapting Carnatic Indian rhythms to the drum set. Introduction to Singapore’s History and its Policy of “Multiracialism” | by Audrey WONGAny visitor to Singapore would be struck …

Guest speakers 22

ZurichDaniel Späti, Head of Transcultural CollaborationProf. Dr. Sophia Prinz, Professor of Design Theory and History, ZHdKMonique Ligtenberg, Research Assistant, Institute of History, ETH ZurichDaniel Ryser, Journalist, RepublikKatharina Morawek, Institut Neue SchweizYuvikki Dioh, Diversity Agent, Schauspielhaus ZurichProf. Dr. Jörg Scheller, ZHdKMonique Ligtenberg, Research Assistant, Institute of History, ETH ZurichMarc Dussellier, Artist/ActivistTakuro Mizuta, DJ sniffMihaela Drăgan, Actor, Roma Activist SingaporeDarren Moore, drummer and electronic musicianAudrey Wong, arts educator, manager and researcherRobert Liew, artistic directorJeffrey Say, art historianAndy Chia, an Artistic Director, Artist/Musician, Producer, and ComposerWANG Chi-Sui, associate professor in Animation Department, Taipei National University of the ArtsDr. S. Chandrasekan, accomplished artistUrich Lau Wai-Yuen, video art, photography, and printmakingJennifer Teo, cultural worker, artist and curatorDayal Gian Singh, producer, actor, singer, writer, filmmaker and corporate trainerVenkaPurushothaman, art writer and arts & cultural leader YogyakartaProfessor St. Sunardi, Universitas Sanata DharmaRangga Purbaya, Visual artistMella Jaarsma, Dutch artistBayu Widodo, Visual artist and activistSigit Pius, Artist and curatorTeater Garasi, Theatre collectiveSURVIVE! Garage, Community alternative space and artIVAA, Indonesian Visual Arts ArchiveLifepatch, Art collectiveKUNCI, Study Forum & CollectiveAce House Collective, Art CollectiveRuang Mes 56, …

Inputs & Workshops Yogyakarta

In Indonesia, the year 1965 stands for political unrest and mass killings. Processing the events collectively and publicly has been challenging until today. With Professor St. Sunardi (Universitas Sanata Dharma) and visual artist Rangga Purbaya (Ruang Mes 56) we learned about the sociopolitically pressing issue of 1965 and how the aftermath of the events and anti-communist phobia is shaping the country’s present. How to artistically deal with suppressed information, incomplete stories, lost voices? How could a public participation in collecting memories and counter-narratives take shape? And did the collective experience of loss foster an aesthetics of melancholia?  With artists Mella Jaarsma, Bayu Widodo and Sigit Pius we discussed the complex cultural landscape of Yogyakarta, local myths and the challenges of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society: Dutch artist Mella Jaarsma has lived in Indonesia for the past 40 years. She utilizes her work in order to reflect and comment on socio-political issues. She presented a selection of works connected to questions of religion and cultural diversity. For Binds & Blinds (2017) for example, she made an open …

Inputs & Workshops Zurich

Phase 1: Exploration and Experimentation, Zurich, 23 August – 16 September Lecture: On Transcultural CollaborationDaniel Späti, Head of Transcultural CollaborationGeneral introduction to the programme, its basic motivation and development, its structure and learning goals. Differentiation of terms cross-/inter-/transcultural. Lecture: Introduction Transculturality & Postcolonial TheoryProf. Dr. Sophia Prinz, Professor of Design Theory and History, ZHdKBasic terminologies (culture) and practical examples of “things inbetween” (exemplary on examples of ceramics). Theoretical background of postcolonial theory and decolonization. Walk: Colonial ZurichMonique Ligtenberg, Research Assistant, Institute of History, ETH ZurichGuided tour in Zurich to different locations, where traces of colonialism can be found to understand Switzerland’s colonial ties. Lecture: Information WarDaniel Ryser, Journalist, RepublikIn recent years, scientific knowledge and information in mass media is questioned by specific groups to manipulate public opinion and gain power (fake news, media manipulation, propaganda). Daniel Ryser exemplifies this development based on the Swiss media landscape and the influence of a highly influential right wing network. Lecture: Memory Culture and Post-Migratory Transformation in SwitzerlandKatharina Morawek, Institut Neue Schweiz, BaselDiscussions around diversity and memory culture are …