Guest speakers 2023


  • Prof. Dr. Sophia Prinz, ZHdK – Introduction Transculturality & Postcolonial Theory
  • Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Kriesi – Challenges of Democracy in Europe
  • Dr. Karsten Donnay, University of Zurich – Digital Democracy
  • Florian Malzacher, Author/Curator/Dramaturg – The Art of Assembly
  • Marilyn Umurungi, Curator – Introduction to the curatorial concept of “Colonial Switzerland” (upcoming exhibition at Landesmuseum, Zurich)
  • Dr. Ashkira Darman, Research Study on Racial House Naming in Zurich
  • Takuro Mizuta Lippit, Artist – Fear of the sky (Examining the construction of civilian air defense during WW2 in Japan)
  • Dimitri de Perrot, Artist – On the Artistic Process


  • Prof. Mei-Hsuan Chiang – Taiwanese Identity in Taiwanese Film
  • Dr. I-Wen Chang – Indigenous Communities in Taiwan
  • Yi-Kai Kao, Curator – Cultural projects with the SEA community in Taipei
  • Betty Apple, Artist – About her work
  • Prof. Leticia Fang, Dept. Journalism, National Chengchi University – Gender Identity & Diversity
  • Raymond Dayi Hsu, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan-Ann Arbo – Taiwan’s ethnic relations and their contemporary implications
  • Prof. Hsu, Sheng Fa – Orchid Island Fieldtrip Introduction and architecture in Orchid Island
  • Prof. Dr. Ya-ping Chen & Prof. Dr. Cheng-Chieh Yu – Dance Workshop and talk related to traditional arts preservation and transformation
  • Prof. Dr. Chia-Li Chen – Human Rights and Society in Taiwan
  • Prof. Dr. LIN Yirun – Indigenous knowledge on Orchid Island
  • Prof. Dr. Manray Hsu – History of the Taipei Biennial
  • Liu Wen-Chi, Artist/TC participant 2018 – About her work

Orchid Island (Field Trip)

  • Dr. Syaman Lamuran – Input about Orchid Island
  • Syaman Macinanao – Dà Tiānchí (a dirty place) – Burial methods for funerals
  • Wang Kuey-Ching – Visit the intertidal zone at – TAO people and ocean culture
  • Dr. Syaman Lamuran – Boat making