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Our research on humor started in an excessive demand by the city itself. As we tried to find something humorous in a metropole that seems to be driven by anything else than that we were confronted with the idea of creating our own funny moments.

So we used escalators. The wrong way. We bought a lot of Bananas and an Eggplant. Carried them through the streets, took photos with ’em. Watching how people react, exploring what the banana does to us, how the eggplant makes us feel.

This ongoing process of research ended up in a 30 minutes performance, where one of us, wearing a mask, was standing completely still in a crowded public place. This human sculpture was accompanied after 10 minutes by another performer, moving around, constantly laughing. Finally after 20 minutes the third person went in, trying to behave normal, taking pictures. All of it was caught on video and is used as material for our subsequent group work.

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by Ana-Maria Negrea, Bruce Liu,  Simon Dietersdorfer