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Gestures of Waiting


Go to a spot in Zurich (Limmatplatz).

Note what you see and hear, using your own disciplinary method and the ones of your group members. In the end, everyone will have a couple of observations, noted in both professional and amateur ways.


All group members analysed the material together and determined one aspect of the material as a focus/topic for the next steps. This topic is “gestures of waiting”.

After that, every group member develops her/his own material further, using her/his artistic methods. In this way, four personal artistic statements emerge: a dance performance, a sound installation, a photography work and a video installation. In the end, the four works are combined with each other. They are presented in the same format, which mixes elements of performance and exhibition.

Observing at Limmatplatz

Final Presentation

by Eva Lin, Benjamin Ryser, Tina Sun, Dorothy Wong