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Getting old in Hong Kong



To explore a culture one can start with the question about local people growing older and the way they are treated by their surrounding. Our group, consisting of Mayumi ARAI, SUN Shih-Ting and Tobias Fandel, was seeking for some impressions about this matter by interviewing various elderly people in the streets, inside a retirement home, on a cemetery, in a park and even in a taxi.

9. Sep. 2015 on the road from the retirement home in 133 Tai Hang Road/大坑道 to Hong Kong Cemetery (1 Wong Nai Chung Road/黃泥涌道)

Due to the importance of economical and financial issues for the Hong Kongers, the elderly generation needs to balance the stressful environment for example by doing Tai-Chi or traditional Chinese dancing in the parks, especially early in the morning.

10. Sep. 2015 Kowloon Park/九龍公園, Tsim Sha Tsui/尖沙咀

by Marumi Arai, Tobias Fandel